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Whether you’re on the Kona Coast, the Kohala Coast, in Waikoloa, or in Waimea, we want to be your Air Conditioning provider.

Why install hydronic/solar radiant floor heating in your Big Island home?


  • Value. Add mega-resale value to your home overnight! Radiant floor heating adds greater resale value for your home.
  • Efficient. Much more cost-effective than forced air heating systems that are usually installed on the Big Island! Save hundreds in utility bills. Electronic time controls let you heat only where and when you want.
  • Invisible. No grates, grilles or ducts showing in your Big Island home, creating better aesthetics and the warmth you deserve.
  • Cleaner. Even, comfy temperatures throughout your whole house in Waimea that will eliminate drafts and dryness. Reduces dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants common with forced air heating.
  • Comfort. You will not be disappointed when you experience a toasty, warm comfort level you never thought possible Big Island! Customize the heating needs in every room.
  • No going back. Once Waiki’i Ranch homeowners have experienced the comfort and efficiency of radiant heating systems, they seldom, if ever, return to conventional heating systems.

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  • Add value to your Waiki’i Ranch home
  • Big Island homeowners will save time and money
  • Work with the trusted professionals at Hawaii Air Conditioning

Whether you’re on the Kohala Coast, up Kaloko, in Waimea, Waikoloa, Hualalai, Kukio or Kailua-Kona, we want to be your Comfort System provider.

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