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Whether you’re on the Kona Coast, the Kohala Coast, in Waikoloa, or in Waimea, we want to be your Air Conditioning provider.

Hawaii Air Conditioning provides cooling solutions for both your home and business!

We won’t just put in the most expensive system in your home or business. Hawaii Air Conditioning will assess your individual situation, calculate your needs and recommend the system that’s just right for you or repair the cooling and air conditioning system you already own.

Why Hawaii Air Conditioning?


  1. Hawaii Air Conditioning is a Fujitsu Elite Dealer with extensive premier training. Our Elite Dealer status allows us to offer special Fujitsu pricing and a Free Extended 12-Year Parts Warranty.
  2. We offer a “whole” home or business approach to our customers. This means that if it’s financially feasible, we encourage our customers to upgrade their systems all at once, rather than one component at a time. We know through years of experience that compatible components working together optimally will give you the greatest value and performance.
  3. Hawaii Air Conditioning has vast extensive professional knowledge using only the most reliable sources.
  4. Our comprehensive product selection meets your needs whether you want to cool down with one of our cooling systems, or warm up with our various heating solutions. Hawaii Air Conditioning does it all! Has mold got a hold of you?  We have the answer for that too!
  5. Add value by installing air conditioning in your Kona and/or Waikoloa home or business.
  6. Optimize your Kona air conditioning, Kukio, Mauna Lani, Mauna Kea, Waikoloa and Kohala Coast air conditioning systems.
  7. Work with the trusted professionals at Hawaii Air Conditioning.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. We personally guarantee you will be 100% happy with our installations, services and systems.